Monday, June 23, 2008

Making a meaningful difference!

g has left a new comment on your post, "What will he think of next? And while you're at it why not include the NDP logo and the Ukrainian national flag and the ....."

I think it is a significant observation and long overdue for Canada to recognize that Aboriginal peoples are founding peoples of Canada.
Dear g:

Thank you for writing. While we agree with you on one level we also think there are much more meaningful, practical ways of accomplishing it. People have come from throughout the world to build Canada into what it is today as evidenced by a backlog of immigrants waiting to come here which keeps getting longer.

We are also of the view his comparison of the Canadian Coat of Arms to Narnia is silly. A few years ago, another Member of Parliament tried to have the Latin inscription changed to, "From sea to sea to sea" but it wasn't passed by Parliament.

Wonder how many Canadians could describe the 13 elements that make up our Coat of Arms? Reference

We believe a better approach for Mr. Martin to take would be to use his time, money and effort as a Member of Parliament to lobby the federal government for more funding to improve social programs for Aboriginal peoples living in his Winnipeg Centre Riding and throughout Manitoba for that matter. In other words, develop initiatives here which are second to none elsewhere in Canada. Doing that is a lot more difficult and labour intensive than changing our Coat of Arms.

Clare L. Pieuk


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