Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The sign no one wants!

Tansi Good Day Readers:
The following was posted today on What can be said other than why the Manitoba Metis Federation's leadership keeps forcing these signs on communities that don't want them is beyond us.
Clare L. Pieuk
Traditional Metis Community And MMF Local Say No To Road Sign!
St Ambroise is a community of hard working, traditional Metis people. If these guys say a reported $500,000 for road signs and their wording are a waste and wrong, who the hell is David Chartrand to say what is good for the residents? St Ambroise people are true Metis and probably not too happy that a man who can get his Bill C-31 is trying to shove something down their throats. (Derryl Sanderson)
John L. has left a new comment on your post "MMF To Forge Ahead With Road Sign Plan"
This past spring, a Local meeting was held in our community of St. Ambroise. The subject of a sign going up in our community was discussed. At that gathering a motion was made we the members of the St. Ambroise Local did not want the sign erected in our community with it's wording. That motion was passed unanimously. It was then suggested we pursue fundraising activities to raise money to erect our own sign with proper wording. I have just been informed from a very reliable source that David Chartrand has conveyed the message that the sign, with it's present wording, will go up anyway. Does this mean the will of the people doesn't matter?
We all know the answer to that. To quote David Chartrand after questionable election results, "The Metis people have spoken". Well David, the people of our Metis Local have spoken, we don't want your sign in our community. If your sign goes up, then it is further proof of dictatorship which also shows your true colours and that we don't matter. The same source has also indicated that if we don't allow the sign to go up, future funding to our Local will be cut. This reeks of blackmail and dirty politics. Remember David Chartrand, you work for us, we don't work for you. You take direction from the electorate. To do otherwise is totally unacceptable. The MMF Constitution says so.
On another note, where is the money for these signs coming from? Also, where is the million dollars donated for the Upper Fort Garry site coming from? If anyone has answers or information about these two questions, please let us know.
John L.
St. Ambroise Local


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