Saturday, November 29, 2008

Even Judges can have subtle senses of humour!

"I am a travelin' man followin' the breeze ..... " Sorry, forgot the rest of the words!
Son Of Music Legend Tommy Hunter Pleads Guilty To Assault
The Canadian Press
November 28, 2008
GUELPH, Ontario — The son of Canadian music legend Tommy Hunter pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting his father in their Puslinch Township home.
Mark Hunter, 41, will be sentenced January 27.
Assistant Crown attorney Janine Hodgins said police were called to the home shortly after midnight October 17.
Tommy Hunter said his son had come home from work about 11:30 p.m. and the pair started arguing.
Mark Hunter approached his father and shoved him, causing him to fall down.
Tommy Hunter went downstairs to call 911, but his son followed and pulled the phone cord out of the wall.
The argument continued upstairs, with Mark Hunter throwing a candlestick that damaged the refrigerator door.
Eventually the victim was able to get to the garage, where he called police from his cellphone.
“Tell me it's not the Canadian icon Tommy Hunter,” Judge Norman Douglas said after the facts were read in.
“It is,” Ms. Hodgins replied.
“I asked you not to tell me that,” the judge said quietly.
Tommy Hunter's age was given as 63 in court, but according to his website, the entertainer – known as Canada's Country Gentleman – is 71 years old.
The Tommy Hunter Show debuted on CBC television in 1965 and ran until June of 1992, making it the longest-running weekly variety show in the world. He continues to perform, and in early January will launch a brief tour of Ontario and Western Canada.
Defence counsel John Kieffer said his client suffers from some mental health issues. Mr. Kieffer asked for a pre-sentencing report and told the judge he will lobby for a conditional discharge, which would leave Mark Hunter with no criminal record.
“I won't recuse myself because I'm a Tommy Hunter fan,” Judge Douglas said.
The musician was not in court Friday.
Editor's Note: We very much appreciated Judge Douglas' subtle sense of humour but can you imagine had he given the Assistant Crown Attorney say 1 day Contempt of Court for answering his question? Then she turns around and cites His Honour for Judicious Misconduct or whatever it's called. He comes back with ..... Welcome to our legal system - the Judge sure caught Ms Hodgins off guard
Decided look up His Honour on the internet. He's assigned to the West Region of Ontario's Court of Justice currently earning an annual salary of $225,234.46 plus a tax consideration worth $3,453.23.
While still on the subject, does anyone know if the salaries of Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justices and Provincial Judges are published?
Clare L. Pieuk


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