Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time to lift Facebook ban?

RachelW has left a new comment on your post "How say you Premier Doer?"

According to my sister, who works for the Manitoba government, they do block access to Facebook. Too bad, for it can be a very useful outreach tool for youth-oriented programs and consultations.
Dear RachelW:
Thank you for writing. Excellent point! Maybe Premier McGuinty is on to something we haven't discovered yet. You'll notice there's usually about a 6 month delay after Ontario has implemented a new policy(ies) before Manitoba follows suit. We'll pass this posting on to Mr. Doer's Office in the hope .....
Ever noticed how Manitoba politics is not nearly as interesting as that in Ontario. Remember how in the September 2003 general election now former Premier Ernie Eves after saying personal attacks had no place in the race to be Premier then told reporters Mr. McGuinty says "whatever pops into his little sharp pointy head" for which he later publicly apologized. Or during the second week of the campaign an over zealous Tory campaign staffer sent a Release to the media describing the Liberal Leader as an "evil, reptilian kitten-eater." Huh?
Former Conservative Ontario Premier Ernie Eaves
Clare L. Pieuk


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