Friday, December 26, 2008

I am sending out a quick email to everyone that has signed up at
First off - I wanted to thank everyone. We already have over 900 blogs approved in over 500 different cities! For those wondering, the most popular cities are New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Chicago. Early next month we hope to have a statistics page up to show these and more interesting stats.
We are also keeping our eye on expansion. We should be launching the UK section on Monday this week, and hope to do Australia and New Zealand soon after that. Early next month we are targeting other European countries - Germany, France, Italy and more.
But first! The reason I am emailing you is for feedback. What more would you like to see from Right now we are working on feed auto-discovery - so that we can list your RSS feed (and latest posts), therefore, people will have more ways to find your blog. But what else would you like to see? We also have business listings for both US and Canada - and would love to find a way for bloggers to connect their content into those listings.
So - if you have any suggestions or ideas, email me back - we would love to know more on what *you* want to see do.
And I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday - I know I did!
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