Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If only you knew how close you are to the truth!

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I just love those comments over at Sanderson's site (www.derrylsanderson.blogspot.com) about CyberSmokeSignals being taken off the air. No one seems to know what's happened but I do. Terry Belhumeur was just too lazy, and he STILL DOES NOT GET IT - THESE PEOPLE ARE PLAYING FOR KEEPS. Everytime I see a picture of him with that stupid grin, he looks like a stupid man who just does not GET IT. He is clueless about what's going on.

Clare, I disagree with a lot of the .... you've put on your site but I'll give you this, at least you've got guts and you know you have to fight them. Terry does not get it and he likely will have to be dragged into a courthouse before he does. He is a loser and a quitter

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. If only you knew how close to the truth you really are. And by the way, most of it has been good .... .

Lost all trust, confidence and respect for Mr. Belhumeur early February 2006 when he arbitrarily and unilaterally changed the user name and password for CyberSmokeSignals. Had to telephone to find out what had happened. The only explanation he could offer was his wife Darlene (Derryl Sanderson's sister) had been putting pressure on him. According to past comments he made she was not supportive of his MMF criticism.

At the time, lawyer Jeff Niederhoffer represented both of us so his actions impacted on him as well. Never gave us a chance to discuss and formulate alternative defence strategies. You may recall after the lockout one of his first moves was to publish a rambling, disjointed 7 page letter to the MMF in which he couldn't apologize all over himself fast enough. CSS.com was averaging about 250 daily hits. Didn't get him dropped from the lawsuit did it?

Our experience was Mr. Belhumeur would be first in line to partake of any small victories we won but had an aversion to doing any of the heavy lifting required. Case in point. Early in the proceedings Federation Executive Director Oliver Boulette filed an Affidavit containing several holes, therefore, making it challengable. Mr. Niederhoffer tried to get Terry Belhumeur being Metis to argue against it but Mr. Belhumeur had to be e-mailed a replacement because he'd misplaced the original document. Then he couldn't think of any questions to ask. We even offered to supply him with these as well.

Finally, some time later he confessed in an e-mail (to me) he was afraid Murray Trachtenberg would have "eaten him for breakfast" had he gone forward. Maybe so but at least make sure you stuck in Counselor Trachtenberg's craw choking him on the way down. You may have lost but your opponent would know they were in a fight.

Twice in my presence while on his cellular telephone playing big time entrepreneur, he'd go on and on about how well his website was doing. In fact, he was contributing virtually nothing.

Observing him around Murray Trachtenberg as recently as the series of Pre-Trial Conferences currently underway, it's as though he defers to him thinking somehow he's a respected friend. What he's forgetting is the Counselor works for the MMF. His top priority is to protect a continuous cashflow of billable hours. Do you really think he cares about Mr. Belhumeur?

Imagine what CyberSmokeSignals would be today had Terry Belhumeur not let it wilt on the vine. In essence, he handed the Manitoba Metis Federation his best bargaining chip without so much as a fight all because it required time, work and effort. As previously noted, you're a lot closer to the truth than you realize.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. Hoped you liked the picture.


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Just a big loser

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