Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thought you were safe hacker - think again!

Dear Readers:
Within the past couple days we were contacted by a Canadian Blogger whose site was recently hacked. They have subsequently re-gained control. We have been given exclusive rights to report on an active investigation, subject to 3 conditions, in the hope it may help others:
(1) their name and that of the Blog not be revealed to discourage further attempts
(2) the police, District Attorney and Google Blogger have requested the hacker's IP address not be published so the investigation isn't compromised
(3) all information published on this site about the case receive the Blogger's prior approval
From the information shared to date it sounds like a thoroughly fascinating story of how an American hacker using a public access computer was tracked and identified. Shortly we'll begin the first in a series of articles and updates which will take you behind the scene for a look at a step-by-step process involving Canadian and United States authorities which ultimately lead to the individual.
We thank the Blogger for having the confidence to allow us to tell their story and the insight to go public so others may learn.
Clare L. Pieuk


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