Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you Mr./Ms One Lone 'Fat Arse!' -!

Good Day Folks:

Had a call earlier this evening from a regular reader who told us the Blog "Arsenisms" ( had linked with us. We'd like to thank its Blogmaster Mr. or Ms 'Fat Arse' for the honour and privilege.

We always like to use images and photographs in our postings to hold audience attention. Since your site doesn't reveal gender and the bucolic sunset image belies its hilarious, zany but very well-written content, we didn't quite know what to choose. Hope you don't mind our selection.

With postings such as:

The Whore of Babylon
Regine, Regina: what rymes with Regina?
The Bruinooge Report: A Hamster's Delight

Blog links to:

..... 1 Eyed Pecker
Galloping Beaver
The Waxing Moon
Blogging a Dead Horse
Truth To Power
Never Eat Yellow Snow
Beer Belly Buddah
Just Damn Stupid
My Left Nut

and even a contributor with the pseudonym 900 ft Jesus, you've got to love it!

Increasingly, researching, writing articles and answering e-mail is taking us farther away from our site's hardcore technology. Therefore, if you see this Browkin could you please link us to Arsenisms? Why not place it directly under

Manitoba Metis Federation
Murray N. Trachtenberg

Perhaps highlight it in a colour such as green to symbolize all those thousands of Canadian taxpayer dollars the Manitoba Metis Federation is spending to sue the now defunct this site's precursor - that should surely attract a lot of attention!

To explain. The Great Browkin is someone whom we've never seen nor met. All we know is they're a computer engineering genius who has helped us in the past. We once asked for a recent photograph and this is what they sent:

"The Great Browkin?"

Thank You!

Clare L. Pieuk


Blogger Fat Arse said...


I too am glad I have found your blog.

Re: Mr./Ms

Just so there is no confusion, asked my wife to take a look at the profile of my "arse" to make sure it still has the desired effect on women.

"Nope it's definitely still a male arse," she said, "here take out the garbage!"

8:15 PM  

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