Friday, July 31, 2009

The Great Browkin is already looking for you Anonymous!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Return of The Public Eye!"
yah pieuk we know you fuckin hunky pig......we know your agenda loser FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for writing. We've been blogging now for about 9 years. As a non-Aboriginal writing about the Manitoba Metis Federation we've heard all this before and a lot worse. Your comments tell our readers much more about you than us.
Here's what we're going to do. Anonymous e-mail can be traced so we've called in The Great Browkin. They're an internet computer engineering/science genius whom we've never met in person only online. A while ago when we asked for a recent picture this is what they sent:

So you know. Not long ago a Canadian blog was hacked and Browkin was asked to work with the authorities to solve the case. As it turned out, is was a high school student in San Jose, California working from one of its computers. Once we've tracked you we'll contact MMF lawyer Murray Norman Trachtenberg to have him sue you for defamation. Not to worry, however, the Federation will pay your legal costs.
Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you Clare.

Go get the them. The Law should not let these kind of people running arround to threat people who are trying to do good things for the public like you folks.

May I suggest you go after the master mind of those losers too.

2:00 PM  

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