Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New wave fundraising - please contribute!

Good Day Readers:
Heard a short piece the other day on CBC Radio's morning show about Twitter (Approximately 2,500 Winnipeg "Tweeters!") potentially being accessed by Siloam Mission for a fundraising campaign. Decided to contact Blair Barkley the organization's Website and Social Media Coordinator. Here's his reply.
Please contribute!
Clare L. Pieuk
Hi Clare,
Thanks for your interest in this Twitter initiative. It's actually called a Twestival and is going to be the first in Winnipeg. As a third party event, it means we aren't directly involved with its organization -that's being done by three people I met on Twitter who are interested in participating. They approached me and wanted to donate all funds raised to Siloam Mission. So I took them on a tour of our facility to show all we do and provide for the city's less fortunate. We're offering whatever we can to help promote the event.
The Twestival will be September 12th so you can actually donate money through Twitter and it will all go to the Mission. There will be an actual event location you can visit. I'll be there with a co-worker at a booth talking about Siloam. Also available will be live acoustic music and other sponsor booths, as well as, laptops setup so people can donate online.
Here is a link to a blog the organizers setup, the Twitter profile and the Facebook page with the information and details:
You can find our Siloam Mission online presence at:
Facebook Profile
Fan Page
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Have a good day.

Blair Barkley
Website and Social Media Coordinator
Siloam Mission
300 Princess Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1M3
Phone: 204.956.4344
Fax: 204.956.0956


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