Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you reading this while at work?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Meet Amy Derjue everybody the new cyber-slacking poster child!"

Lazy (expletive deleted).
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Remember the gold old days when people burned company time chatting around the water cooler, coffee maker or photocopying machine? There was no paper or electronic trail unless, of course, you were stupid enough to expose yourself to the zerox.

What the article points out is an organization's serious failure to have policy guidelines for internet use during working hours. You might be interested in the following article.

Clare L. Pieuk

Mayor Thomas M. Menino's spokesman Dot Joyce said the city's chief information officer is drafting a new policy on city workers' social media usage. (Photo by John Wilcox)

Grow up, Twitter-happy hacks
By Margery Eagan
Boston Herald Columnist
Thursday, October 29, 2009

OK. Let he who’s never sent a personal e-mail from work cast the first twit. Or Tweet.

But grow up, Amy, Mac, “Mafia Wars” Dave and all you Facebook fanatics posting and boasting about your drinking plans and office capers on taxpayer time.

You’re not supposed to advertise you’re goofing off on public Web sites anybody can see.
You’re not supposed to goof off at all. It’s a horrible recession here, see? You’re a government worker. Too many people taxed to pay your salary aren’t working at all right now. They’re scared and struggling and desperate. And they don’t want to hear that Mac Daniel, while pulling in $93,000 at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, is fiddling with anagrams of his name.

Or that Councilor John Tobin’s $71,000-a-year assistant David Isberg wiles away the day playing “Mafia Wars” - and that Tobin thinks that’s dandy.

They don’t want to hear, ha, ha, ha, “20 minutes and I am OUT. Gone. No longer present. Do not contact unless you want to drink, shop, or watch sporting events.”

That’s a post from City Hall cyberslacker Amy Derjue, who sounds like lots of fun, fun, fun. “Dear beer-loving peeps,” she asks, “I just paid damn near $12 for a six-pack of Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Did I get screwed?”

I don’t know about them, Amy. But you should be in a bit of a jam right now.

It’s not, like, high school, like, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” - like some big inside joke.

Maybe we can’t blame Amy for napping through City Council meetings, even when her boss is Man about Back Bay Michael Ross, dapper City Council president. But please don’t tell the world you “do (your) best work when I have a pant-soilingly close deadline.”

Amy, you’re supposed to be doing your best work. Period.

Let me not be too holier than thou here.

Going to Junior’s baseball game when you say you’re getting a root canal? Sneaking into CVS on the way to a sales call? All of the above is stealing company time.

Most of us in the Dreaded Private Sector have done it at one time or another. Bless Me Father, for I , too, have sinned. But the difference between these Facebookers and the CVS sneakers I know?

Public vs. private. Flush times vs. I’m just grateful to have a job. Plus, it’s not an everyday deal, or something they feel proud of. And they sure don’t post pictures of themselves goofing off on the Internet to show how cool they are.

Be honest, do you Tweet, post on Facebook during work hours:
Only when the boss isn’t around?
All the time, it gets me through the day?
Hardly ever, with all the layoffs I’m doing 2 jobs?
No, but how do you start?
No, but colleagues do and it’s unfair?


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