Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the Seventh Day The Public Eye gave us the Media Bloggers Association!

Truth To Power (;
Good Day Readers:
By way of background, the Media Bloggers Association is dedicated to promoting, educating and representing its members while supporting "citizen journalism" as a ligitimate form of expression that under the law should be afforded the same rights, protections and considerations as the mainstream media.

We were able to find membership numbers for the MBA but estimate it to be in the thousands. To the best of knowledge nothing comparable exists in Canada or if it does is not nearly as developed.

We're sending a copy of this posting to Bob Cox who is based in New Rochelle, New York. Any response received will be published.
Seasons Greetings!
Clare L. Pieuk
Subject: Re. 5 faxes
Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2008 11:58 am
To: Robert Cox <>

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the email - hope you're keeping well.

As I recall, you should have received one fax totalling 27 pages - the Statement of Claim (23) plus two letters (February 9 and 24, 2004 respectively) bringing it to 27.

Our main objective at this time is to bring as much attention to this frivolous lawsuit as possible for a couple reasons:

(1) It's not about defamation - rather, the legal system is being misused in an attempt to bully, threaten and intimidate a blog which dared criticize an organization having a dictatorial regime. The Plaintiffs' hope is CyberSmokeBlog will cave in under the pressure and shut down. We have no intention of doing so

(2) To make matters worse, the Plaintiff (Manitoba Metis Federation) is a taxpayer funded public corporation

Being self-represented means I'm well within my rights to publish any and all correspondence between the MMF lawyer and me which is exactly what we've been doing on CyberSmokeBlog. Normally, protocol here is not to do that, however, since I'm self-represented there's nothing the Manitoba Law Society can do to sanction me.

We believe this is the type of case the blogging community should be made aware of which is why being a member of the Media Bloggers Association would really help us get the word out. In case you're wondering, I am non-Aboriginal.



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