Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too little too late?

Good Day Readers:

The following was posted on Taking down his blog without first securing an agreement to be removed from the Manitoba Metis Federation's taxpayer financed lawsuit was a Huge, Huge mistake tantamount to surrendering your biggest bargaining chip without so much as a struggle. It was also extremely short sighted.

A solicitor has described the Plaintiffs and their lawyer Murray Trachtenberg (; as "pathological litigators" - a perfect descriptive. Remember, they have access to virtually unlimited public money to pursue this frivolous, vexatious and malicious action. Four (Rita Cullen, William Flett, Joyce Langan, Darryl Montgomery) ceased being Board of Directors effective June 29, 2006 the date of the last election yet still haven't withdrawn from the case. Do you really believe they'd be involved if legal fees were coming out of their pockets?

Then there are Board of Directors Ron Chartrand (current), Richard DeLaRonde (former), Darrel Deslauriers (former) Bonnie McIntyre (current) and Rosemarie McPherson (former) who are not Plaintiffs. How do defendants allegedly defame only part of a Board? The trial judge and jury should have fun with that one!

What another Blog does is raise the ante as now there's one more player besides,, and this site for Murray Trachtenberg to monitor looking for litigious material on behalf of his "clients." Not bad being paid a minimum of $250/hour to scan blogs all day. Possibly there could be a fifth - www.metisbarefacts.blogspot operated by Metis Mama. She hasn't published since early June of this year so a few months ago we contacted her to see if she was alright but received no reply. Her address is

If there's one factor the Plaintiffs and Counsel abhor it's negative publicity preferring instead to perform their nasty little deeds from the darkness and shadows of the corners then scurrying back to the recesses. For those litigants planning to run in the as yet unannounced 2010 MMF election that's the last thing they need!

Finally, to correct a small error in Mr. Sanderson's article, Mr. Belhumeur has made multiple apologies to the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Seasons Greetings!
Clare L. Pieuk
Cybersmokesignals Back On The Air

Guess who's back?

He looks kind of p....d off at something or someone. Could it be that he's ticked that the Manitoba Metis Federation didn't accept his apology? Good to see you back Terry, now to just stick to your guns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry should never have caved. He just looked weak.

1:05 PM  

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