Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Go ahead make my day threaten me!"

Good Day Readers:

On Wednesday of this week CyberSmokeBlog ran an e-mail received from The Public Eye entitled, The top ten "Murrayisms" of all time!

Truth To Power (;

At the time we added our favourite three. While not a "Murrayism" the following is quite instructive. It comes from an October 1994 Statement of Claim filed by Luba Audrey Gallinger against Walsh Micay & Company, Murray N. Trachtenberg, Paul Warren, and Darrel Donen. Page 8 paragraph 15 states:

The plaintiff states that the defendant, Murray Trachtenberg, was negligent as follows:

(a) in failing to advise the plaintiff at the outset or make her aware that there was a conflict of interest or potential therefore and in further failing to advise the plaintiff at the outset to seek outside counsel as the plaintiff might have a claim against Walsh Micay & Company;

(b) in failing to assess the file and provide the plaintiff with the proper advice or at all as to the claim seeking to set aside the Will on the basis of undue influence;

(c) failing to protect the plaintiff from a lawsuit as commenced by her brothers;

(d) in not having the matter settled at the earliest possible time;

(e) in failing to determine that the method of obtaining instructions from the residual beneficiary's father was improper. (emphasis ours) "Go ahead make my day!" As an Officer of the Court "threaten" me with a complaint before the Law Society of Manitoba's Disciplinary Committee.

Clare L. Pieuk


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