Monday, April 26, 2010

A snap MMF Election?

Good Day Readers:

We have just received word from a well-placed anonymous source Alvin Zivot the Chief Electoral Officer for the June 2006 election has been selected for the 2010 general vote. The election must be held within 60 days or less of the formal announcement. Apparently you can look for an election day around May 10 or perhaps the week of May 17 (15-22 days from now well within the requirement). Is this not, in effect, a snap election? Assuming our information is accurate, it will make for a very short campaign!

Anyone know if MMF defamation lawyer Murray Trachtenberg (; played any role in the selection process?

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that read June 10 or 17th

12:50 PM  

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