Friday, May 28, 2010

The controversial campaign of Andrew Carrier!

Note: Because of the small print in the copy transmitted it's reproduced below. The emphasis is ours.
May 10, 2010
Dear Metis Citizens:
My name is Andrew (Andre) Carrier and I am pleased to advise that I am running for Board of Director of the Manitoba Metis Federation for the Winnipeg Region. I am committed to working with Team David - President David Chartrand, Vice-President Ron Chartrand and Board of Director Claire Riddle as we strive to improve our Metis community.
I ask for your assistance and support of Team David by coming out to vote on either the advanced poll on June 1 & 2 or on Election Day on June 10, 2010 at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre 45 Robinson Street.
If you wish to know more about my campaign visit me at or you can contact me at or by telephone at 797-2455.
Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

I'm sending you a letter given to us by Andrew Carrier. You will notice that he is using Elzeare Goulet letterhead because he wants people to think his Local is supporting him. Using it is not accepted by many of the Local's members - some will be extremely angry to see it. Just as I am writing this I received a call from one of the Elzear-Goulet Board Members telling me what Mr. Carrier did was illegal and that Alvin Zivot (Chief Electoral Officer) should be notified asap.

A meeting was held and members are fuming. Andrew Carrier says he didn't know it was illegal. As president of the Local, he should know his own bylaws. He was still handing out these letters last night (May 27, 2010 ) and now associates the Local with his name, as well as, those of David Chartrand and Ron Chartrand ( Chartrand X2 ). I would be ashamed to be linked with these guys. What really irks me is he signs it, "In memory of Louis David Riel. "

How dare he use Riel's name and his Local to support David Chartrand, Ron Chartrand and himself.

St. B
Dear St. B:
Thank you for writing. One of our readers anonymously suggested recently a few weeks before the June 2006 election President Chartrand withdrew his support of Mr. Carrier, in effect, leaving him to fend for himself or in their words, handing him "poop on a stick."
Clare L. Pieuk


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