Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jack's back!

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May 30, 2010
T-Minus 11 Days and Counting: "Ron Chartrand's Own Construction Company" and "the Ron Chartrand Administration" Why Vote Jack?

A New Open, Fair & Inclusive Management For the Manitoba Metis Federation Winnipeg Region


Jack will open the books to any Locals that have questions about expenditures. Before any major spending initiatives Jack will call a meeting of the Locals to consult. This is different from the present administration that mortgaged the Mcgregor office and entered into an agreement to purchase a building at 2000 Portage Avenue. These major decisions were made with only one Board Member and a little if any consultation with the Local membership.


All jobs that come available in the Winnipeg Region will be posted and open to any qualified Metis person. Ron Chartrand has hired several family members to high paying jobs in the Region. Jack promises to not hire any family.

Contracting out of projects will all be put to tender. Jack will develop a list of Metis contractors and make sure they have an equal chance of receiving work. In recent years Ron Chartrand's own construction company has done tens of thousands of dollars of work, for the Winnipeg Region at the McGregor office 2000 Portage Avenue and for Northend Housing. Jack feels this is unfair to other Metis contractors.
Training and Education funding will be allocated on the basis of merit and not based on whom you know. Opportunities for these programs will be better publicized to encourage more participation. Under the present administration a fully funded computer program went almost unused because there were no students.

Jack promises to get more Locals involved in grassroots projects and work to provide funding to the locals for these initiatives. The Ron Chartrand administration has mostly ignored Locals and failed to deliver over $100,000 that was available to the Locals through the Capacity Building Program.

There will be extra incentives for Locals to involve youth and elders in Local projects.

Jack will host regular meetings to allow Local executives, Board candidates, and representatives from other related organizations, to bring forward concerns and ideas. These meetings will also be used to inform everyone on what's happening at the Regional Office.
Back Jack


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