Friday, May 28, 2010

OMG - our beloved Tully may be in more trouble than we thought!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "But where's Dina and the kitchen?"

I sure hope Anonymous is not referring to Dina "Bulldog" Beardy, the old-time Wetaskiwin County jail bull-cook!

Oilfield Michif
Dear Oilfield:

Thank you for our latest "Tully Update." With each passing day we're becoming increasingly concerned as to his wherebouts. For those readers joining the search a bit of background.

One of our readers recently wrote to suggest regular contributor Tully Vorcheux might have been tossed into jail by Wetaskiwin, Alberta Crown Prosecutor Lionel R. Chartrand.

Mr. Chartrand is best known to Manitobans as a former Legal Aid lawyer, paid advisor to the Manitoba Metis Federation and ex General Legal Counsel to the website CyberSmokeSignals who wrote a petition, recommended it be published then subsequently fleed the province (July 2008) to become a Crown Prosecutor. His material is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit being "persecuted" by Federation taxpayer financed solicitor Murray Trachtenberg - The Human Gestetner!"

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Our hidden camera recently captured Counselor Trachtenberg working late at night in the basement of his office cranking out more statements of claim and warning letters for anyone who dares criticize President David Chartrand.

The search has gone international. Yesterday we received a link from a legal firm in San Francisco specializing in bail hearings. It's no secret Tully Vorcheux is NOT a fan of Crown Prosecutor Chartrand. Perhaps one of our readers should e-mail him to ascertain whether he knows anything about Tully's whereabouts.


Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog. Gives me something to do during my lonely off hours here away from home. There are more Metis from Manitoba here on the fields than I would have thought. Had some interesting conversations about Metis politics, both about Alberta and Manitoba. I've asked around about Tully Vorcheux, nobody seems to know him, but I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear anything. Why don't you tell us about Tully? Who is he and how did you come to know him?

I've met a couple of fishermen from St. Laurent working out here who have friends who were represented by Lionel Chartrand on fishing charges and some hunting charges. The word is that Lionel represented about 7 fishers and hunters from St. Laurent on Wildlife and fishing charges and beat all of them. Many were thrown out of court not long before he left for Alberta. Lionel is quite highly regarded in St. Laurent. While the MMF does not appear to say much about him, he is very well known and respected by Manitoba Metis hunters and fishers.

The Alberta Metis are not happy with the progress being made for their hunting rights here. Word is that they had received a great package from the province, liked by most Metis, but the MNA leadership got too greedy and launched court cases where the individual Metis had pushed the envelope way too far, in weak cases, and then the government dug their heels in, beat them in Court, and now all Metis are paying the price out here. I'll keep you posted as I hear more gossip.

I love your illustrations, especially Tully in prisoner garb! That should help me identify him if I see him out here in public!

Oilfield Metis

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