Thursday, May 27, 2010

OMG - Tully may be in a San Francisco jail!

Dinah Bee Menil has left a new comment on your post, "Where are you Tully we're worried!"

You know, you can find a San Francisco criminal attorney here (
Dear Ms Menil:
Thank you so much for contacting us. If you see him languishing in a San Francisco jail cell could you please have him call us. He's become our folk hero here in Manitoba, Canada - we're quite concerned because it's been a few months since we last heard from him - he's like family.
So far our best lead has come from one of our readers (Oilfield Michif) who suggested Wetaskiwin, Alberta Crown Attorney may have tossed him in jail.
Suffice it to say it's no secret Mr. Vorcheux is not Lionel Chartrand's biggest fan.

Clare L. Pieuk


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