Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Prominent Metis leader" gives converted candidate ringing endorsement!

Delaronde Reminds The Voters

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "BC Metis Nation Governing Assembly Chaos"

Dave's (David Chartrand) endorsement of Andrew Carriere is a sad mistake he thinks we allegedly forgot about him. Although it still won't cost him the election, it reminds me of his endorsement for the Liberal Party of Canada, a losing endorsement at that. But Dave (David Chartrand), please explain to me your thoughts on Andrew Carriere's alleged BONUS he received just days before losing the Board of Director position (March 2003 election). And while you're at it, explain Claire Riddle's alleged similar bonus. Heck, I'm sure even Ed Ducharmelol ..... nice wording there.

Now weren't those fun days at the Winnipeg Region and you guys think Ron's (Ron Chartrand) bad? Ron cleaned that place up and has continually moved forward, progressing while fighting all the backstabbing
"Jack is Back" friends he had with a smile. Back Jack? LOL ..... what a joke ..... 150 supporters? Where? Trouble is, you need well over a thousand supporters to take this Region.

And that picture from the supposed election rally is from the Metis Club, not from the IMFC, where the rally was held ..... funny stuff ..... is that slander? LOL ..... whatever ..... bite me.

As for endorsing Mr. Chartrand for President, if I'm correct, the case behind that, was the FACT that nobody can beat him at this point in history.... all the power to Godon for trying, but up until this point in the election, in my opinion, Dave (David Chartrand) has made few mistakes ..... and honestly ..... he's a great guy to talk to ..... LOL
On that note Vote Chartrand :)

And while I'm here I endorse Derryl Sanderson who I know as a good hearted, hard working, true Metis - my friend. Go Derryl Go! How's that for endorsements? Have a great day.
Randy Delaronde
Good Day Readers:

Mr. Randy DeLaRonde who at one time had a blog recently noted on Mr. Sanderson's site he abandoned it because it was too much work.

For the past few years Mr. Sanderson has been highly critical many times of President David Chartrand and his wife Glorian Yakiwchuk on his blog ( But one example occurred when he posted computer printouts purporting to show Ms Yakiwchuk had received untendered contracts from the MMF.

Recently, on the eve of the 2010 election call, Mr. Sanderson got pumped and experienced what could best be described as a born again, life altering metamorphosis embracing "Chartrandism" with a fervor seldom seen. He then announced he was running for Board of Directors, Winnipeg Region.

David Chartrand bit Mr. DeLaRonde's favourite candidate when he issued a May 17, 2010 letter to "The Metis Citizens of Winnipeg" in which he endorsed Mr. Carrier but not Mr. Sanderson. However, the approval of Mr. DeLaRonde is much more important.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous THE TOOTH FAIRY said...

I will also endourse Mr. Derryl Sanderson for board. Working with Pres.David Chartrand I have no doubt both of these guys will take the Metis Nation in great new directions.

In fact I will stake my life on it!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to go kingmaker randy!! his endorsement should be good enough for ... well one vote anyway. and that is only if randy does not drink too much the night before and gets up on time

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clare, a couple of things struck me yesterday, thinking about the MMF election. After struggling to find Frank Godon's election web-site (you forgot to list his under your Metis specific websites), going over his site, the little he does say does not speak to any substantial work or even involvement in the Metis community. He worked for a year in 1995 as training coordinator at a region, and much later did a bit of research for Metis veterans. He does not speak to any recent activities either formal or grassroots. He puts out a long personal resume, unrelated to any qualifications for MMF top honcho, and offers critiques of David Chartrand's leadership, but only offers vague motherhood and apple pie promises to be a better leader.

Frank's campaign is really so pathetic, I am surprised that David's camp treats him with any seriousness. He clearly is not in the running. Is this why you do not list his blog as a link, and why you rarely promote him in CSSblog? I would think that given your animosity towards the current president, you'd be jumping to the pump to fly Frank's flag!!

Oilfield Michif

9:37 AM  

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