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Vic Populi's back everybody!

Truth To Power (;
May 28, 2010
T-Minus 13 Days and Counting: The System
About Jack's Rally May 27, 2010 - Please read to the end, the fear must end, we need a new Vice President
by Dave Charette
As originally posted on: John (Jack) Fleming 4 Vice President
May 28, 2010
Jack's rally last night was a complete success. We had Winnpeg's best Metis musicians come down and play for us. The evening started with Fiddling Frank Turcotte accompanied by Jumping John Goertzen on the guitar and Cliff (the Trouble Maker Flaming ) on the bass. After the first set, JJ Lavallee came up and played the fiddle and then went into a few songs. Lucien Spence next joined in and ripped off some of his own songs. The evening ended with Ivan Spence coming up and playing the fiddle till the end. There was plenty of food and beverages for everyone. We had free draws for prizes throughout the whole evening. Roughly 15 draws were made. The silent auction was very good and covered the cost of the event and then some. All in all, it was a great evening.

Jack wishes to thank all the musicians and the 173 people who came out to support him. With out these people (musicians and supporters) this event could not have been possible. We now know for certainty that we will win this election.

On another note, I received a call shortly after the rally and again today from people appologizing for not coming out. They indicated that they were in fear of retaliation from the other side of this election. They were not in fear of physical retaliation but fear of loosing any services that they had pending or receiving. I told them I understood and that they did the right thing. I then told them that they could still come out and vote for Jack Fleming without fear of them knowing who they voted for. No names are put on the ballot so it is impossible for anyone to know who they voted for.
It is so unfortunate that people fear those they once voted in. The people who are in office are there to serve the members, not the members serving the people in office. Jack's goal is to turn this around. As always, he will serve the members and do his best to see that other Board Members do the same.

I ( Dave Charette ) am sick and tired of the Board pushing our members down and keeping them in the dark. Hey, we're not mushrooms so give us a break and be transparent. We as members should be entitled to have a say as to what our community needs and what should be done. We don't need a Vice President forming a construction company and taking work away from other Metis. This must stop. We don't need a Vice President hiring mostly family and friends while ignoring the applications of good qualified workers. This must stop.

I can cover another page or two of what must stop but you the reader have your own views on that. Jack has promised that he will do everything he can to listen and bring an end to these issues. Jack will not be bullied or bought out by anyone. He will stand by his word. I believe in Jack and hope you the reader believe in him as well. I urge you to please vote for Jack Fleming and positive change will happen.

Dave Charette


Blogger Gary Thomas said...

David Chartrand understands public relations/propaganda as well as anyone. And he has a huge pot of taxpayer money to make sure he gets good press. He doles the dollars to his friends and the others... well...their proposals just were not good enough. The gov't goes along because for $27,000,000 David is not organizing rallies against them and generating bad press for them. It's not the Govt's money either and they get political peace for the money they allocate to the MMF.Among the Gov't and the MMF no one cares what is done with the money so long as we have the appearance of peace and order.Rod Bruinooge, Shelly Glover,Vic Toews, where are you? The average Metis citizen is losing out. Your help is needed. And if you don't act here, you have no moral right to complain about waste of tax-dollars ever again in your political career.

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