Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where have MMF movers and shakers gone?

Truth To Power (;

Good Day Readers:

Found this interesting post by The Public Eye as his series counting down to the June 10, 2010 Manitoba Metis Federation election continues.
Clare L. Pieuk
May 29, 2010
T-Minus 12 Days and Counting: "Metis Informers ..... Metis Conformers" and "the Black Hole (MMF Inc.) of Mediocrity"
Where are the Metis reformers!
by Fortunat Guiboche
As originally posted on: Metis Justice Manitoba
February 25, 2007

Good Morning folks .....

Where are the Metis reformers? What we have now are Metis informers ..... Metis conformers ..... all slipping into the black hole (MMF Inc.) of mediocrity.

Fergs Corner
February 25, 2007


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