Monday, July 26, 2010

Paris Hitler?

Paris Hilton denies Nazi salute as photo of her dancing is taken out of context
BY Kristie Cavanagh
Monday, July 26, 2010
Paris Hilton has spent most of the month partying with sister Nicky around the world.

Paris Hilton strongly denies enacting a Nazi salute after a photo snapped of her Sunday night shows the heiress wearing a military-style hat, holding her finger under her nose and pointing her hand upward in a Heil Hitler-like salute.

The heiress was partying aboard a luxury yacht in Saint-Tropez, France.

Hilton, 29, came under fire from fans shortly after the picture emerged online, but her spokesman adamently denies that the "Simple Life" star was simulating a salute, explaining that the photo was merely taken out of context.

"Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances like that and was scratching [her] face when a photo was taken," Hilton's representative told the Daily Mail. "The hat was not a Communist hat, it's a military style hat from a club. Half of her family is Jewish and many of her friends are as well."

Hilton has spent the better part of the past month on a hard-partying trip with sister Nicky around the world.

During the past week, the heiress has been spotted downing champagne and being picked up off a nightclub floor by security, reported the British newspaper.

She has been stopped by police in connection with suspicion of marijuana possession twice this summer, although she was not charged in either incident, reported


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