Monday, August 30, 2010

But would it work in Manitoba?

Good Day Readers:

Came upon the interesting article below in the New York Magazine. We're aware of two situations where individuals tweeted to complain about the quality of services they'd received. One involved a car rental agency in Michigan and the other from a female tenant who complained about the condition of her apartment and the landlord's failure to do anything. In both cases the tweeters had been threatened with lawsuits. However, he lost track of the stories so don't know whether litigation was initiated.

Regardless, it sure would be nice to know this kind of information if you're looking for an apartment.

Clare L. Pieuk
Slumlord Watch List: New York’s 153 Worst Landlords
August 30, 2010

In an effort to shame New York's most egregious slumlords into action, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio launched an online registry that lets users look up the city's worst landlords by name and address or search the worst buildings by neighborhood or borough. The website also lets tenants nominate their landlords for the list. But it's going to take more than no hot water, a broken lock, or the occasional Fievel Mousekewitz to get yours on the list.

Residents of Alan Fein's buildings in the Bronx live with hallways soaked with urine and crackhead squatters, but what really put his candidacy over the top was a run-in tenant Lakisha Haywood had in her commode when a "giant rat lunged at her from inside the toilet bowl." Says Haywood, "I screamed, slammed down the seat and flushed the toilet 10 times." On that note, we're just going to hold it for the rest of the day. New Website Aims to Shine Light on City's Worst Slumlords [New York Daily News]


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