Sunday, August 29, 2010

The hot spook who came in from the cold!

Sexy Russian Spy Busted for Photo Shoot

Dana Chivvis

AOL News Surge Desk (August 26, 2010) -- Just as America's collective memory of her was beginning to fade like so many a summer fling, Anna Chapman sends back a message from Russia with love and cleavage.

Russian tabloid website posted a video today of the former undercover agent posing for a photo shoot in two form-fitting dresses, Reuters reported. The photos are for an upcoming issue of the magazine Zhara, which translates to "heat" in Russian. Extrapolate from there.

According to Reuters, the website writes, "Clearly enjoying showing off her curves, Chapman shows that women's secrets mean more to her than those she kept at the Secret Service." Which says a lot for a sentence that means nothing.

In the video (posted above for everyone's eyes only), Chapman sits pensively on a hotel room window sill as cars whiz by below her, leans against a wall as though she has been tasked with keeping it erect, and stands incredibly close to a lamp that looks to have been on loan from "Pee-wee's Playhouse."

Never being one to blindly follow the rules, however, Chapman posted some of the photos from the shoot on her Facebook page and is now being sued by the magazine for releasing them, Animal New York reports. What will she do next?


Anonymous The Landlady said...

Take care and be champions.

And damn it all

PS. I found the coroner Floyd on Facebook. Supposedly he is taking a rake and communicating with politicians in Sioux City. I dont have a friend request for him, but I found it kind of interesting to see how he is doing.

10:02 AM  

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