Monday, August 30, 2010

Smart cookie?

Dear Mr. Pieuk:

Thank you for your suggestion. You might be onto something. After all, if I renamed the movement CPP, I would have the enjoyment of watching the lefties talk about wanting to get rid of CPP! You're a bright cookie you are P.


Dear Mr. Lawton:

Thank you for writing with with the kind words. Yes we thought of that too. Our reasoning? Well, the federal government (Finance Minister Flaherty) has been talking recently about the need for significant pension reform so as part of the restructing/upgrading/make over of the Canada Pension Plan why not change its name to whatever so it can cede the CPP acronym to the Canadian Pee Party?

Some American Tea Partiers have even gone as far as to suggest the Social Security Program be abolished. If the Canadian government were to try that normally peace loving, friendly, law abiding citizens would be rioting in the streets.

Clare L. Pieuk


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