Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Lori Douglas factor?"

Good Day Readers:
Tuesday was another milestone for daily visitors to CyberSmokeBlog as was yesterday - our second highest total since going online back in March of 2006 - thank you very much! so we started to ask, "why?"
Our all time record was the day we reproduced CBC Manitoba Television's breaking story on L'affaire Douglas-King-Chapman involving Associate Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice The Honourable Madam A. Lori Douglas which is now attracting international attention.
Then a fellow blogger mentioned they too had experienced a familiar phenomenon suggesting interneters were Googling her name. Finally, a reader noticed a website having to do with campgrounds of all things had establlished a link to the D-K-C story speculating it was to attract traffic. Perhaps so.
We've been assuming it's because of our increasing coverage of the Canadian taxpayer funded Manitoba Metis Federation's "Goofy" defamation lawsuit against our precursor location CyberSmokeSignals by MMF President David Chartrand being prosecuted by $250 hourly Winnipeg lawyer Murray "The Friendly Scorpion" Trachtenberg (; Team TRACHTENBERG - chartrand). Perhaps that's only part of the explanation?

You can view a listing of the over 228 documents filed to date in the case (the vast preponderance the MMF's) by the publicly financed Plaintiffs and Counselor Trachtenberg online at the Queen's Bench File Registry (File Number Search/CI05-01-4195).
Please stay tuned very shortly we'll be posting some fascinating information about this beyond asinine lawsuit you're financing for the Federation.
Sincerely/Clare L. Pieuk


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