Monday, September 27, 2010

"And on the seventh day he rested ....." Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Tweetvangelism: The Bible Translated For Twitter
By: Allie Townsend
Topics: Religion, internet, twitter, christianity

It's definitely no NIV. A new Biblical translation is written wholly in twee speak – a chapter-by-chapter summary, each in 140 characters or less.

Called the T140, or The Twitter 140 Bible, the new project from author Scott Douglas (Quiet, Please! Dispatches From A Public Librarian) will attempt to condense each chapter of the Bible into one 140-character tweet. The idea for the new translation was born after wondering what the Ten Commandments would look like if presented as a Twitter entry, Douglas wrote in a blog post this is what I came up with:

<3 God,<3 no othergod,dont b a idol,dont idol, dont say God's name in vain, sabbathholy, honorparents, no adultry,no falsewitness,dont envy"

Over the next few months, Douglas will present his summary of the Bible through Twitter account, @The140Bible, beginning with The New Testament's Mark. "It's not in chronological order because I want to keep things interesting," Douglas wrote. "Even at 140 characters, Chronicles is boring! To sound trendy, I'll call it "tweetvangelism."'

Tweetvangelism, indeed. Religious outreach is no stranger to social media with thousands of Facebook pages and Twitter feeds spouting spiritual messages to the online community – church goers and non. Religious leaders now offer sermons through weekly podcast series or YouTube videos – even creating their own brand of viral material aimed as outreach. And hey, even the Pope's online. I guess we'll call it Religion 2.0.


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