Friday, February 25, 2011

Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas now has company!

Good Day Readers:

This story broke literally within the last few minutes. Brian Corrin was appointed to the Bench in March of 1988. Needless to say we'll be following it in the days ahead.

Clare L. Pieuk

Manitoba judge charged with assault, threats
CBC News
February 25, 2011

A provincial court judge in Manitoba has been charged with assault and uttering threats.

The charges against Brian Corrin, 65, were laid by Winnipeg police on Thursday, according to a Manitoba Justice spokesperson.

The allegations involve a family member.

Pending the outcome of the charges, Corrin will be on administrative leave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Mr. Pieuk,

My God, the last 24 hours has been an exercise in judicial indiscretions!!

Douglas does indeed have company, but as a Manitoban taxpayer - I'm outraged!

At least our Porn Queen Justice is still working, Corrin is on leave! As a Provincial Court judge, thankfully its not as complicated to remove him, provided that Mr. Swan has the cojones to do so. He'll probably will await the outcome of the criminal charges - so Corrin gets a paid vacation for the next 2 years or so...

And in other news...

The CJC is now investigating Dewar for his inappropriate statements, but since you don't get removed for having naked bondage pictures on the net, I doubt Dewar will have to do much more than "apologize", which is hardly appropriate.

What is wrong with the Bench in this Province? Is the air so stale in chambers that our judiciary is deprived of oxygen and is making these gross errors in conduct?

I certainly do not want to be taxed to pay for two judges to do essentially nothing, and one to shoot his unevolved mouth off!!

A very, very disappointed...


(Who, by the by, is NOT a member of this godforsaken profession!)

3:08 PM  

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