Thursday, August 25, 2011

Courtroom 308!

Good Day Readers:

Yesterday we visited the Law Courts Building in particular courtroom 308, The Honourable Judge Marvin Garfinkel presiding, where there was a brief hearing for Provincial Judge Brian Corrin charged in February of this year with assault (1 count) and uttering a threat (1 count) against a Celia Corrin. Mr. Corrin, represented by Winnipeg lawyer Richard Wolson, did not appear.

Earlier Mr. Wolson had complained about the delay in appointing a prosecutor. From previous testimony an Ontario crown had been assigned but due to illness was forced to withdraw. Apparently a replacement has been selected although they were not identified. The next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. again in courtroom 308.

Mr. Wolson indicated in the meantime he planned to make a submission to the court on behalf of his client - presumably filing a Motion. The crown suggested it may do the same. It would appear this case is far from trial ready assuming there is one. Mr. Corrin could choose to plead guilty in which case he would automatically waive his right to a trial. If this happens both sides would make a sentencing recommendation with the final decision resting with the presiding judge.

Use of an out of province prosecutor is apparently standard operating procedure in such cases so as to avoid any possibility of a conflict of interest, for example, where a Manitoba Crown had previously presented before Judge Corrin in a completely unrelated matter.

A special thank you to Manitoba crown prosecutor Nancy Martin who appeared yesterday while an Ontario prosecutor is being appointed. After court had adjourned she very graciously explained a couple questions we had regarding points of law.

Clare L. Pieuk


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