Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The dancing prosecutrix?

Good Day Readers:

Here's Nancy Grace at her best.

It was announced the other day self-proclaimed, none too subtle victim advocate Nancy Grace will be a contentant on this fall's thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. Twitterdom has already reacted:

@elle_bee_are – [I hope] her costumes are as over the top as her eye makeup and hatred of any defendant anywhere. ;)

@Joey_Powell – Is it bad to hope she tears an ACL?

@PeytonsHead – Is it too early to go ahead and vote her off?

@realjohngreen – When I see Nancy Grace trending, I click expecting to see, “Nancy Grace Is No Longer Allowed to Participate in Public Life.” Alas.

@TheFakeCNN – Nancy Grace has signed on for Dancing With The Stars. Casey Anthony expected to be her surprise partner.

@elle_bee_are – A courtroom-themed dance, like Kate Gosselin’s paparazzi-themed one, would be horrifically amazing.

We predict the 51-year old Ms Grace will win resplendent in black tights, heels and leather bouncing around the dance floor first beating her partner into submission with a whip then attacking the panel of judges.

Clare L. Pieuk


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