Thursday, October 27, 2011

Legal hookers and pole-dancers?

Good Day Readers:

A couple years ago some Bar Associations in the United States were becoming increasingly concerned too many female law students were, to say this with delicatess, dressing too much like hookers and pole-dancers. So, the New York City Bar Association sponsored an event designed to give the ladies a better appreciation of appropriate workplace attire while its Chicago counterpart provided suggestions on wardrobe dos and don'ts.

Enter Sarah a second year student from a southern United States school. In the end it worked out well. The television show transitioned her into a corporate look - dark blue pant suit no cleavage.

As a sidebar comment, increasingly turning into a courtroom junkie we generally observe the ladies have better fashion sense than the men. At the risk of sounding like a foot fetish it's quite noticeable in shoes. Among the ulgiest we've seen are worn by men sometimes in need of a good polishing. In trying to predict the outcome of a case usually the attorney with the nicer shoes wins. It happened again this morning - defence lawyer Richard Wolson had better shoes than the Crown.

Clare L. Pieuk


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