Friday, February 24, 2012

Believe it!

Good Day Readers:

Had an opportunity today during breaks in the Stobbe trial to chat with a very personable RCMP officer from Churchill, Manitoba waiting to testify. At the time of Beverley Rowbotham's death he was working out of the Selkirk Detachment. Because proceedings were running late he'd been here since the other day. Once word circulated he found himself set upon to answer questions about the polar bears. After he'd finished and before leaving the witness stand even Justice Martin asked about them.

This time of year the mother is still on shore in a den with the cubs emerging in the Spring. Father, well he's out on the ice hunting or roaming the outskirts of Churchill. The good news is the males he's seen so far look healthy and nourished. But the amazing story involved wolves.

During his more than 21 years with the Force he's encountered a couple amazing stories of trappers describing how they become lost but noticed wolves on either side. Believe it or not when the packs observed them wandering off course they moved in closer literally funnelling them in the direction where there was a camp, people and safety.

Then there was the time a pack killed the family dog but left children not far away unharmed. Not only has he found them to be extremely intelligent but unlike the popular misconception many people have Corporal Friesen has occasionally observed a surprisingly sensitive side.

Mounties are normally re-posted every 3-years. He loves the north so is hoping the Yukon will be his next stop come early 2013. If it is the people there can rest a little easier knowing he'll not be far away - that is, unless they're into criminal activity.

Clare L. Pieuk.


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