Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ongoing technical problems at Queen's Bench File Registry?

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

The internet web server at www.jus.gov.mb.ca has been displaying the message:

"Court Registry System - The site is currently down for maintenance."

In excess of a week now of which I am aware. While the site has displayed the same message for brief periods of time in the past, usually minutes or hours, it appears that the site has currently been made unavailable to the public, either deliberately or unintentionally far in excess of past routine maintenance and/or updates.

Would you please determine if there is a short term technical problem that an or will be corrected in short order, or  if there has been a policy change in regards to making this service available to the public.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Manitoba Curmudgeon@shaw.ca
 Dear Curmudgeon:

Since we got to your e-mail around 6:30 yesterday evening we randomly tried the site 3-times one of which displayed the error message. We severely doubt there's anything sinister involved, rather, a simple technical glitch. If  Queen's Bench File Registry were to suspend this service the legal community would be rioting in the streets - if that's possible for them.

While at The Law Courts this morning we'll give a copy of your e-mail to the appropriate officials along with our electronic address and an invitation to respond. Any reply received will be published. While still on the subject of QBFR, for about a week now we've been unsuccessfully on the trail of FD08-01-86932 better known as Lorraine Kathleen Fehr versus Victor Eric Toews. Seems it's never available. As best we can ascertain it appears it's resident with an administration official(s)  somewhere within The Law Courts - having a good read are we?

Shortly, we'll be contacting a senior administrative official in writing requesting instructions on the procedure for formally requesting access to this file.

Clare L. Pieuk


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