Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time for a nice little dessert?


Thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog. We're posting your e-mail address because it does not reveal your identity and in the meantime someone may read this and be able to help. To save time, follow our comments in blue below.

Clare L. Pieuk 
I tried posting a response to your efforts with the Court's staff but I have no idea if your Blog accepted my comments or not - in part because there is virtually no way to decode the unreadable verification crap that shows up to type in the box, and secondly because there is absolutely no indication if the comment has been recorded for you to approve (or not). This is the first comment we've received from you. We too run into that problem when visiting other sites. No doubt it's to prevent spam. What we do is to re-post until eventually there's a more decipherable code to reproduce. Eventually it happens.

Seriously, try posting a comment to your Blog using another ID to see how absurd it is - so if you got four or five identical comments from me that is why, and I wasn't trying to show you that I've completely lost my mind. No, you haven't lost your mind - time for a dessert break! Unfortunately, Google controls those sometimes indecipherable codes.

In case none of it showed up, the gist of the remarks had to do with the Internet QB Court Registry being down (for maintenance supposedly) for several days that I know of, preventing any access to court information. Tomorrow I'll be at The Law Courts and as fate would have it talking with staff in both the Provincial and Queen's Bench File Registries. I'm not aware of a problem but that means nothing because I only visit that site on an as needed basis. However, I will ask if it has been down and will report back tomorrow evening. Please stay tuned.


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