Monday, February 27, 2012

A bicycle, a mountie and the holy spirit!

Good Evening Readers:

Spent the day at the Mark Stobbe second degree murder trial - a couple interesting developments. So far a multitude of witnesses have been called all testifying they saw a large person on a bicycle near where Beverley Rowbotham's body was found. However, the gentleman on the stand claimed he passed within approximately 30 feet in his car of someone wearing dark clothing. When asked if he could identify the bicycle he indicated it looked like Ms Rowbotham's mauve raleigh resting in the courtroom. Surprisingly, defence counsel Tim Killeen did not challenge.

The morning's final witness was an RCMP officer who was part of a three member team who surveilled Mr. Stobbe for 12-days beginning in late October of 2000. Ever curious we asked a lawyer whether police require a warrant. Answer? No.

Had to smile. In courtroom 226 presided over by Justice Gerald L. Chartier there was a pre-trial conference for Smith versus Holy Spirit. Wonder who represented Holy Spirit?


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