Monday, February 27, 2012

Never mind robocalls you need speed-dial-a-lawyer!

Hello Again Readers:

For the second time within days a Winnipeg Member of Parliament has received another defamation warning letter. From the Feburary 26, 2012 Canadian Press article, More ridings were hit by alleged voter suppression: opposition .....

Meanwhile, lawyers for RackNine Incorporated, an Edmonton- based automated dialling company that worked on the Conservative campaign, has sent a letter to Mr. Martin demanding an apology or face a defamation suit for comments he made about the company.

Mr. Martin says he has no intention of apologizing.

Why Pat Martin doesn't save his comments for the House of Commons where he's defamation proof is beyond us. There he could knock himself out defaming whoever and whatever until he's blue in the face or the cows come home - whichever comes first. Silly, silly man!

Clare L. Pieuk  

Libel Notice - Pat Martin


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