Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eat my McShorts?

Good Day Readers:

Natural law Number One: What goes around comes around.

Found this interesting document on Stephen Taylor's blog ( Seems the NDP's Pat Martin is being threatened with a defamation lawsuit. This is the same Pat Martin with a penchant for using the "F-word" in his tweets or telling people who disagree to "eat my shorts." If Mr. Martin did indeed make the comments as alleged, should he not have had the presence of mind to do it the House of Commons where he's defamation proof? So how say you, are you going to govern yourself accordingly?

Which reminds us. Must go back to check on the status of a defamation lawsuit against another of our favourite politicians Shelly Glover. Recall she is one of a handful also being sued for alleged defamation by former Conservative Member of Parliament Helena Guergis. The deadline for filing Statements of Defence has passed.

Clare L. Pieuk


Nice name for a law firm - "McLaws." McLaws suing McMartins? 20120224 111704


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