Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Good Day Readers:

You may recall late last week we sent Michael Enright host of CBC Radio's weekly public affairs program The Sunday Edition (9:00 - 12:00 national network) the following:
Dear Mr. Enright:

Recently, we had occasion to attend a high-profile lengthy murder trial still underway in Winnipeg. One of the many witnesses was an RCMP Officer from Churchill, Manitoba. Because of procedural delays, the Corporal had to be held over a couple extra days. As word spread among the attending public, he was increasingly approached and asked about the polar bears during recesses.

We were particularly fascinated by a couple stories he told about wolves which ran completely counter to the popular conception. You can read about it in our Friday, February 24 posting, "Believe it!"

Fast forward to earlier this morning and your interview with new RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson on occasion of his first 100 days in office. At one point the Commissioner mentioned there are countless success stories that never get told given the media's tendency to focus on the negative.

Well, we invite any Mountie anywhere with a feel good story to contact us. They can self-identify, use "Anonymous" or a pseudonym of their choosing.

We received the following yesterday:

Thanks, Clare ... an excellent point. We may use a portion of your letter on this weeks' show.

Best Wishes,
Susan Mahoney
Acting Executive Producer
The Sunday Edition

After Corporal Friesen departed we realized we'd neglected to give him CyberSmokeBlog's address so he could check out our upcoming posting about wolves. Fortunately, in talking with the Crown prosecuting the second degree murder trial (Wendy Dawson), he'll be returning latter this week on business and plans to spend a little time observing proceedings. We'll be able to give him a heads up to stay close to his radio on Sunday morning if he can.


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