Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robocalls in Saint Boniface?

Good Day Readers:

You may recall our March 4, 2012 posting, Saint Boniface, Manitoba robocalls? (reproduced below) in which CyberSmokeBlog posed a couple questions. Well, today while we were "out and aboot" as Canadians are given to saying when Ms. Glover left a lengthy 2-part telephone message for which we thank her.

As soon as we can we'll transcribe and display her response for readers. It may take a few days because we're in the midst of covering the Mark Stobbe second degree murder trial, a manslaughter and a rape case scheduled to begin tomorrow in Queen's Bench.

In the meantime, we thank Shelly Glover for her reply.

Clare L. Pieuk
Dear Ms Glover:

This letter is being addressed to you, and not your Communications Director, in my capacity as a Saint Boniface voter, as well as, on behalf of CyberSmokeBlog readers in general and those who were eligible to vote there in the last federal election. In the CBC video that appears at the end of the Greg Weston article you state:

"I didn't use that organization ..... ummm ..... and so I'm not familiar with anything that may have gone on with them."

Question 1: Do you know and are you prepared to tell us the names of the 12 other Conservatives, besides Messrs Del Mastro and Dykstra, who used Front Porch Strategies during the May 2011 federal election campaign?

Question 2: Did you, or anyone associated with your 2011 campaign, use either other American (that is, not Front Porch Strategies) or Canadian-based call centre(s) to make robocalls within the Saint Boniface Riding or to any other federal voting district(s)? If, yes, please indicate which one(s) and the cost to Canadian taxpayers.

Any response received will be published. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Clare L. Pieuk


During late January and early February of this year we attempted to directly arrange a CyberSmokeBlog interview  with Ms Glover, however, instead her Communications Director Myrrhanda Novak was placed in our way. When asked the nature of the questions to be asked, we explained there would be a "CSB lottery," for lack of a better term, in which readers, preferably but not necessarily eligible to vote in Saint Boniface given her dual role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, could contact us either anonymously or otherwise from which a list of about 10 of the best queries would be selected.

Shortly thereafter we received a telephone call from Ms. Novak indicating Ms Glover "..... does not do these kinds of interviews ....." Our invitation to Shelly Glover remains open.


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