Friday, March 16, 2012

Joe Schmuck with just an internet connection!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "The smiling Communications Director with the soft touch!"

I look forward to the day when some bored Liberal/NDP/Bloc research staffer creates a Twitter account something like @shellyleaks30 and lets the world in on whatever secrets there may be in the closet or lurking in the court records.

It probably won't provide as much entertainment as @vikileaks30 did - watching Vic sputter with indignation, while wondering if it ever crossed his mind that perhaps he had p....d off someone enough to provide the Liberal staffer with the script.

Who's to say what might happen next. Ms Strickland, pardon me Ms Glover, deciding that she's been working under enough men long enough in the federal government to submit her sesume for Chief of Winnipeg's finest?

Might Vic Toews suddenly show up to fill one of the vacancies we may have for a judge in the Manitoba Courts or ever the Federal Courts?

Given the only thing that seems to be cause for a lawyer losing their license in this province is over charging true Canadians, anything is possible. Pimping, assault and other assorted crimes of the flesh are covered under the "personal life" privacy clause - unless you happen to be Joe Schmuck with just an internet connection.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for contacting CyberSmokeBlog. Your e-mail raises several interesting issues. Will there be more  @vikileaks-style Twitter accounts? Quite possibly. The real danger, in our view, is if those behind the anti-Vic Toews Anonymous YouTube videos take to targeting other Members of Parliament who, for example, have been vocal in their support of Bill C-30 by using a series of Twitter accounts.

At this point it is simply unclear where Liberal researcher David Carroll obtained the information about Vic Toews' divorce. The media have only identified one individual with ties to Manitoba's NDP Party as having looked at the file. Could Mr. Carroll have obtained the material from someone who for whatever reason(s) was, as you suggested, p....d off at Mr. Toews? Certainly possible. We won't know for sure until he appears before a Parliamentary Committee to be questioned under oath. To date this has not happened because his lawyer says he is too ill. In a recently released letter, said solicitor is also questioning the Committee's authority to compel his client to testify.

Will Shelly Glover apply for the Winnipeg Chief of Police position which will be available later this year (December)? That too is possible we see nothing preventing her from doing so.

Vic Toews as a Manitoba or federal judge? Again, we did some very preliminary research and could find nothing precluding such a possibility.

As for poor Joe Schmuck, if the Conservatives get their way he could find himself under constant electronic surveillance and wouldn't even know. Let's hope he's not a child pornographer like the rest of us who oppose Bills C-30 and 51.

Clare L. Pieuk


Should Vic Toews run again in the next election he's likely to pay a huge price for his extremely ill-advised and intemperate remark and well he should! They were an insult to all Canadians for which he should apologize.


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