Friday, March 02, 2012

'Shorts' McDummie!

Good Day Readers:

Mr. Martin's actions are incomprehensible. Here's why. He could have used his parliamentary privilege to make allegations against RackNine Incorporated until he was blue in the face or the cows returned home whichever came first. Instead he chose to do it where he could be sued.

Edmonton-based Parlee McLaws sent him a defamation warning letter dated February 24, 2012 at which point he should have fallen on his knees (the sooner the better) and apologized all over himself to mitigate possible future damages especially if he has a weak case which, in our view, he does. But no. So what does he do? From a story in The Canadian Press also carried by The Globe and Mail entitled, More ridings were hit by alleged voter suppression: opposition (February 26, 2012):

Meanwhile, lawyers for RackNine Inc., an Edmonton-based automated dialling company that worked on the Conservative campaign, has sent a letter to Mr. Martin demanding an apology or face a defamation suit for comments he made about the company.

Mr. Martin says he has no intention of apologizing.

Et voila!

Check out Remedy sought Paragarph 33 at Page 9 where a cool $5 million plus punitive damages in an amount to be determined by the court are requested.

Lest we not forget a second defamation notice letter dated February 27, 2012 sent to a Patrick Martin related to comments he said February 26, 2012 on CTV's national affairs program, Question Period.

Clare L. Pieuk

Filed Statement of Claim - Action No. 1203 03498 (3!2!12) (E6148218)

Alberta firm at centre of robo-call probe sues bombastic NDP MP

Daniel Leblanc
Friday, March 2, 2012
NDP MP Pat Martin speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on March 1, 2012. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

NDP MP Pat Martin has been sued for defamation by an Alberta robo-caller that was hired to transmit misleading polling information to voters in Guelph during the last election.

RackNine Inc. filed a statement of claim in Edmonton Friday alleging that it has fully collaborated with the ongoing Elections Canada investigation into the matter and has not engaged in any irregularities. RackNine was used to send out robo-calls in the Ontario riding last year, but the company said any wrongdoing was the work of the unidentified political operative who created an account with the firm and paid for the calls to be sent out.

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