Monday, March 05, 2012

You can call us stupid but here's what we don't understand!

Good Day Readers:

Earlier this evening we had two anonymous sources contact us with a link to the latest Anonymous Vic Toews YouTube video. One said, "You must have missed this from 3 days ago" which would have been Friday, March 2. We checked out the URLs and sure enough there it was. Even Googled the title it has been given and voila!

Although we have not had a chance to check the many facts presented, it would appear Anonymous has done their homework. It also contains some explosive allegations. Here's what we don't understand. Why has this latest YouTube not been reported in the mainstream media? Is there a conspiracy of silence? Is it simply too contentious for anyone to touch?

This sounds and feels eerily like the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice Lori A. Douglas scandal. To explain. When it finally went public a couple years ago had a lawyer tell us they'd known about it for years. In fact, it appeared to be a dirty little open secret among Winnipeg's tightly knit legal community. As Yogi Berra would say, "Is this deja vu all over again?" Why isn't this story receiving widespread coverage? Can anyone explain?

Clare L. Pieuk


One of the very serious allegations contained in the YouTube we first became aware of about 6-months ago.


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