Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harry's latest Pop Tart!

Royal Watch: All About Mollie King, Prince Harry's Rumoured New Pop Tart Girlfriend

By Bridget Arsenault and Sarah Ball
Friday, April 13, 2012

In a weekly report on London’s regal rumpus, VF.com’s Royal Watch plucks the best of the city’s tabloid news. In today’s edition: Mollie King’s Harry flirtation, Will and Kate’s film-premiere plans, the royal-stripper reality show.
  • There’s hope for Harry! He has struggled recently to find a suitable girl, and despite various run-ins with ex Chelsy Davy, he’s had nothing long-term since they split. Still, all that may be about to change: Mollie King, saccharine singer of the British girl band The Saturdays and ex to male model David Gandy may just be swooping in. Blond and leggy with a look not dissimilar to Davy, King has reportedly caught the eye of the Prince, as the pair have been spotted flirting all over London’s nightclub scene. She is definitely on his radar! (Your American Royal Watcher here interjects some context for non-Saturdays fluent, stateside-dwelling Harry fans: to arrive at Mollie King, take the vague visage of a Sienna Miller, mix with the girl-group fame ambitions of early Pussycat Dolls, add the musical stylings and heritage of U.K. girl groups B*witched and All Saints, and the mall-couture tastes of an Ashley Tisdale. Voila, a future Princess—she does have a regal last name.)
  • Poor Lady Louise, sweet, youngest granddaughter to the Queen, first introduced to the international public as a bridesmaid at last year’s royal wedding, who’s now broken her left arm after a fall from her pony while riding at Windsor Castle. Her mother, the Countess of Wessex, has cancelled her previously planned official visit to a hospital in Manchester to be at home with her daughter. Fortunately there are no other royal weddings in site (we’re looking to you, Prince Harry), so her flower-carrying duties won’t be needed in the near future. 
  • Let’s hear it for the Duchess of Cornwall! Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, has been appointed—by the Queen—the highest female rank in the Royal Victorian Order. Owing to her “personal service to the monarchy,” the honor highlights the positive transformation for the Duchess over the past number of years, as Camilla has always struggled in the public eye compared to Diana and was once referred to as “the Rottweiler” by Princess Diana herself. 


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