Friday, May 04, 2012

Anatomy of a jailbreaker!

Annals Of Technology
Machine Politics
The man who started the hacker wars

By David Kushner
Monday, May 7, 2012
Radical hackers took up Hotz's fight, although he never considered himself a cause

Good Day Readers:

Much to the consternation of Apple at 17 George Hotz was already jailbreaking its iPhones - altering/customizing the innards to operate as he commanded. While company officials were displeased there wasn't much they could do.

Next it was on to Sony's PlayStation3 which had never been hacked before. When slapped with a lawsuit the hacker community, particularly Anonymous, took up his cause unleashing secret online warefare against the company the likes of which it had never seen. While some might characterize young Hotz as misguided and misdirected, nevertheless, his brilliance around a computer cannot be denied.

Because of its length we have not reproduced the article in its entirety but it's well worth a read if you have the time

Clare L. Pieuk


Machine Politics really brought into focus how futile the Commons Committee looking into Anonymous was - yet another waste of taxpayer dollars.


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