Tuesday, May 01, 2012

..... And you thought that was ballsy!

Good Day Readers:

As the government slashes and burns its way through budgets it actually has the cojones to ask Radio-Canada journalists they should help Minister Moore responsible for the CBC by helping him with his accountability to Parliament. In other words, they should be loyal but is "The People's Network loyal to them?

On the subject of accountability to Parliament, with all the shenanigans that goes on there - lack of transparency, premature closure on debate, name calling, a lack of civility, The House often borders on dysfunctional. Loyalty to a government that runs roughshod over what's supposed to be a democratic institution?

Never mind Parliament and the government. We hope Radio-Canada journalists will respond by continuing to research, investigate and report on the Conservatives' waste of taxpayer dollars. Their first allegiance should be to the voters.

Clare L. Pieuk

OMI Agency
Radio-Canada union: Accountability to Parliament code 'offensive'

Brigette Pellerin
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Radio-Canada journalists say they won't help the minister responsible for the state broadcaster be more accountable to Canadian taxpayers.

The union representing the French CBC's communications workdrs filed a grievance earlier this month, objecting to a new code of conduct that among other things, asks employees to serve the public by "Loyally carrying our the lawful decisions of their leaders and supporting ministers in their accountability to Parliament and Canadians."

This new code of conduct came into force April 2 and replaced the old rules that dated from November 2006.

Union President Alex Levasseur said the requirement to support ministers in their accountability to Parliament is offensive and amounts to an oath of allegiance to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's ministers.

Radio-Canada employees should not be subject to political influence, and Levasseur does not think the $1.1 billion in public funding the state broadcaster receives annually creates a special obligation to be accountable to Canadians through Parliament. He added that Radio-Canada had always been at arms' length from the government and that the new code of conduct put that healthy distance in jeopardy.

James "Loyal ... Tell Me Everything!" Moore, Minister Responsible for the CBC


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