Monday, May 28, 2012

The Douglas Inquiry transcripts - for the record!

Good Day Readers:

We'd like to direct you to the recently released transcripts of the May 19, 2012 pre-Inquiry hearing of the Douglas Inquiry held in The Federal Court of Canada courtroom 4th Floor 363 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg.

You can find CyberSmokeBlog's comments at pages 51-57 beginning at line 12. However, that's not our focus, rather, it's at page 15 at line 7 of Chief Justice Catherine Fraser's (Alberta Court of Queen's Bench) comments who haired the meeting. She is indeed correct when as part of her introductory comments to bring the assembled up to date she stated:

Mr. Macintosh wrote to Mr. Pieuk on April 25, advising him he had until May 9th to put in further written submissions. Mr. Pieuk responded the same day that he would be making no further written submissions.

For the record indeed true but:

(1) We realized no application for intervener standing could reasonably be tendered unless or until a Notice of Allegations had been tendered. Such was not the case so why invest more work, time and effort into an application which of necessity would be flawed?

(2) Our strategy was to challenge the Inquiry on this very point, and it worked. Why tip it off in advance?

Clare L. Pieuk


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