Thursday, May 10, 2012

A haircut to remember!

Good Day Readers:

Upon reading the National Post story, Meet Stefania Capovilla the hair stylist behind these Parliament Hill 'dos


tried to imagine what the always perfectly coiffured Stephen Harper would look like had Ms Capovilla given him a new avant-garde look so he could preen himself while in Parliament. She could provide him a New York Yankees baseball cap to wear given he and his entourage's penchant for Yankee Stadium (chortle ... chortle ... chortle) while he got used to it.

Ever wonder what Messrs Kenny, Baird, Flaherty would look like bald? As for Patrick Brazeau what a cop out. Justin "Pretty Face" Trudeau wins the boxing match and he only forces the loser to give up a few inches of his Samson-like locks. He too should have been forced to go bald.

To Parliament Hill reporters we say hang out as Ms Capovilla's shop people will say the damndest things while getting a haircut.

Clare L. Pieuk


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