Thursday, May 24, 2012

Irony of ironies!

Hey Clare,

Long time no e-mail. Just found an e-mail from you that got caught in my spammer. Apologies.

Thought you'd like to know that I've got a book coming out. It's the Wall Street one I've been working on. Here's a link:

It's being published in Canada simultaneously. If you get the urge to blog about it I'd be delighted.

Hope you're keeping well.

Good Day Readers:

Thank you very much Guy for contacting CyberSmokeBlog.

We're still shaking our head over what happened while we were replying to his letter - talk about irony of ironies. In the midst of telling him about Wendy Dawson, you might recall that name, readers, from the high profile Mark Stobbe second degree murder trial earlier this year as the lead Crown from Vancouver.

Since then we've kept in touch with her but hadn't heard for a while. After the grueling 6-week Stobbe trial she took a holiday - can you blame her? While telling Guy (currently living outside New York City) about Wendy, who do we get a notice popping up on our screen someone had just sent us an e-mail? That's right, Wendy Dawson.

But the irony doesn't end there. We first met Guy online over 5-years ago after reading a fascinating article he'd written for Rolling Stone Magazine, The Stoned Arms Dealers. As fate would have it, we just found the following YouTube while researching this article:.

At the time, we reproduced The Stoner Arms Dealers on CyberSmokeBlog along with the recommendation it was a must read and sent him a copy of the posting. Wasn't expecting when we received his thank you note. But the irony continues.

As you'll see from his biography he's originally from Toronto. It seems several years ago his late father was involved in a Saskatchewan election campaign when Allan Blakney (New Democratic Party) was Premier back in the 1970s. We contacted Guy after the last federal election to update him the NDP was now the Official Opposition Party. As he noted at the time his father would have loved that news. Oh, by the way Mark Stobbe is also from Saskatchewan.

Visit Guy's website to check out his biography ( - seems he began as a lawyer but found it wasn't his cup of tea. In retrospect he's probably glad he decided to pursue a career as a writer.

Yet another irony. Recently, perchance we watched, American Greed (CNBC - Shaw Cable channel 143, weekly one hour show) which profiled Sam Israel the subject of Octopus. Another riveting story of someone who seemingly had it all but blew it!

Your Homework

Send us any questions you may (anonymously or otherwise) have about Octopus or Guy Lawson and we'll pass them along. What's we're going to try to do is set up an online Question and Answer interview using the 10 most interesting queries.

Our Homework

Celebrated a birthday recently ("39" again) and received a cash gift from my mother. We're going to invest some to purchase a copy of Octopus and, as they say, go for a read. We learned from covering high profile trials at The Law Courts never to be without a good book. One never knows when there will be delays in the proceedings.

Given his legal background, we're also going to keep Guy Lawson apprised of latest developments in the Douglas Inquiry. Once this is over and the dust has settled, surely there will be enough to make it the subject of a couple juicy kiss and tell books.

The Canadian connection is really quite amazing. Look at any field ..... medicine, engineering, entertainment, law, journalism ..... and you will find a Canadian if not at the top very close to it. It's interesting to watch the Governor General present Orders of Canada medals to citizens for outstanding achievement in their fields (televised on the Cable Public Affairs Channel - Shaw Cable channel 123). Most of the recipients you'll never have heard of but when their biographies are read it's Mr. or Doctor so and so considered one of the world's leading authorities on whatever. Or Ms so and so who founded the internationally renowned centre for whatever ..... and on and on and on it goes.

So think you're smart do we? Well, who's Dr. John Noseworthy? Aha, just as we thought don't know eh? Well, he's the Canadian physician (neurology) who currently is the Chief Executive Officer of the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Or what about Louise Arbour? Give up? She's a former Canadian Supreme Court Justice who when on to become Chief Prosecutor, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. But no, don't believe us go to Wikipedia and have a look at the number of international awards she's received over the years. And to think we haven't even touched Toronto's world famous Hospital for Sick Children.

And while still on the subject, here's something else we bet you didn't know. You can visit the Governor General's webpage to nominate someone online. (; Maybe it's time to nominate Guy Lawson?

Ever notice how Peter Mansbridge always wears his Order of Canada pin on his lapel when readng the nightly national news? So too it was with Lloyd Robertson when he did the same at CTV. A month or two ago Martin Short was on the David Letterman show - Thunder Bay's Paul Shaffer who leads the band also has one. Guess what "Marty" was wearing in his lapel?

Canadians are a humble bunch but that's good because it will always give us that magic touch for which we're universally known and respected ..... eh?.

Clare L. Pieuk                    


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