Saturday, May 05, 2012

See, even you can replace your Member of Parliament!

Good Day Readers:

Upon reading this next story, given the Conservatives falling poll numbers, Stephen Harper's continuing unpopularity and ongoing misuse of taxpayer largess, if you're dissatisfied with your MP's performance why not go out and buy a penguin costume to run against them in the next election.

If your Member is a Conservative your chances of winning are pretty good. After all, anyone can be a federal politician just look at .....

Clare L. Pieuk
Man in penguin suit goes by 'Professor Pongoo' grabs more votes than Liberal Democrat in Edinburgh election

Candidate promised to attend every city council meeting wearing penguin suit if elected

By Braden Goyette
Friday, May 4, 2012
A man in a penguin suit pulled more votes in the Edinburgh city council election than his Liberal Democrat and Green Party rivals. (Facebook)

The people of one Edinburgh district would rather have a penguin represent them on city council than a Liberal Democrat.

At least, that's what the results of the Scottish capital's latest election would suggest.

Mike Ferrigan, an independent candidate and climate activist who campaigned for Edinburgh City Council dressed as a penguin, got more votes than the rival Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates, STV News reported.

Ferrigan, who answered to the name Professor Pongoo on the campaign trail, received 444 votes in the Pentland Hills ward, compared with 370 for Liberal Democrat Stuart Bridges and 322 for Green Party candidate Phyl Stuart Meyer.

The candidate campaigned on the promise to go to every city council meeting in the penguin suit if elected.

"The purpose of doing that will be to bring some lightness and humor to the affair," Ferrigan told STV News.

"This may help bring about a more consensual approach to politics within the chamber."

This isn’t Ferrigan’s first foray into politics. The candidate had previously helped organize a five-year-long vigil for a Scottish Parliament and was recently involved in Occupy Edinburgh, according to the Scotsman newspaper.

Though Professor Pongoo pulled in more votes than two of his rivals, the penguin won't be making regular appearances at city hall. The ward's three seats went to candidates from the SNP, Labor and Conservative parties.


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